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Icelandic Jewelry at it’s best.
Ströndin, Lambagras, Sóley and Fjóla are few of the names of jewelry lines designed by Stefán Bogi Stefánsson at Metal design Reykjavík.

Stefán Bogi goldsmith and designer studied jewelry design here in Iceland with Sigmar Ó. Maríusson. After four years of study Stefán Bogi moved to Copenhagen for further education.  On his graduation Stefán Bogi was honored by the Danish Art industry. After graduation he worked at Hans Hansen’s gold- and silver workshop.

For years Stefán Bogi has designed and handmade gold- and silver jewelry along with church artifacts for numerous churches here at home and abroad.

“Ströndin”  (the Coast) is inspired by the waves of the Icelandic coast. The Icelandic sand beaches and the waves of the ocean is for the goldsmith Stefán Bogi a preoccupation in his craft of the silver jewelry Ströndin.

Ströndin silver jewelry line is for ladies and gentlemen and comes in many sizes, with or without stones. Large selections of stones are available.

The Icelandic flora inspires the jewelry forms, which Stefán works with the current semester.  Lambagras, Sóley, Gleym mér ei and Fjóla are few of the lines.

Each piece is a variation on another piece in the same line, yet also stands solo as an independent work.

In all the designs line one can have necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that are all based on the same concept.

The jewelry pieces are rich in detail and finesse and have a light and feminine look while being quintessentially modern.

The jewelry lines are based on modern designs and methods while being both stylish and classic, and in that way hold a sense of timelessness.

We are located downtown Reykjavik at Skólavörðustígur 2.  Our e-mail is:

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